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Unmasking euthanasia disguised as "medical aid to die." Is the worst yet to come?
- Press release February 18, 2014 Downlowd

Prima Communication is launching its Unmask campaign to expose the real face of euthanasia disguised as "medical aid to die " by Quebecs Bill 52. The campaign will also demonstrate the inevitable transgression of the safeguards that awaits us. 

Download, print and distribute the following poster

Bill 52 End of life issues : Euthanasia and “medical aid to die”. Belgium’s euthanasia model inspired Quebec MNAs to present Quebec Bill 52.               

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Euthanasia in Belgium: where have the safeguards gone?
Quebec, is the worst yet to come ?

In Belgium, after 12 years of the practice of euthanasia 
(aka “medical aid to die” ) … 
        Watch: Where have the safeguards gone?                                             



  • Tales of two killers: cigarette and medical aid to die. Exposing the same deceitful strategy. Download  
  • Bill 52 and the politics of head in the sand. Download
  • Two seductive killers: medical aid to die and cigarettes. Download 
  • While waiting for palliative care to be accessible for all ... Download

Download, print and circulate the following 11 posters 
Campaign UNMASK

                    1. Coherence/en_anorexic.pdf
                    2. Coherence/en_athlete.pdf
                    3. Coherence/en_barbarawagner.pdf
                    4. Coherence/en_couplesick.pd
                    5. Coherence/en_alzheimer.pdf
                    6. Coherence/en_doubleeuthanasia.pdf
                    7. Coherence/en_kids.pdf
                    8. Coherence/en_prisoner.pdf
                    9. Coherence/en_sexchanged.pdf
                    10. Coherence/en_tiredoflife.pdf
                    11. Coherence/en_twinbrother.pdf

Other posters

  • Tales of two killers: cigarette and medical aid to die                                     Exposing the same deceitful strategy Download and print


How can the National Assembly MNAs vote in favour of "medical aid to die by lethal injection and allow doctors to intentionally provoke the death of their patients?

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